Guidelines for obtaining emergency food storage

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After developing a three month supply of food, and keeping a two week supply of water for every individual inside your home, it is time to begin focusing on long term food storage. The target with long term food storage would be to obtain a twelve months supply of foods having a long shelf life. This food supply must start with simple items which may maintain life within an emergency in the event there is nothing else to consume. Products located must be effective at having a shelf life of 25 to 30 years or even more. The next simple products may be considered for storage. Suggested using the product may be the estimated quantity of each had a need to maintain a typical person for just one year in an emergency.

  • 300 lbs. Of grains wheat, grain, or other cereals
  • 100 lbs. Of powdered milk non fat
  • 100 lbs. Of honey or sugar
  • 150 lbs. Of legumes and beans
  • 100 lbs. Of flour
  • 2 gal. Of shortening or cooking oil
  • 5 lbs. Of salt
  • 1 lb. Of baking powder

These things give a diet that provides 300 calories daily, around 2. The aforementioned recommended items might be proportionately decreased as different ingredients are included. These often selected to be put into the aforementioned number are dry legumes peas, beans, nuts, and lentils that are saturated in protein and store well. Canned foods, dried vegetables and fruit, and plant oils and bass would make great improvements. While you can easily see in the previously discussed long term foods, foods would not do a lot more than sustain life and produced from these elements would be very simple. I understand, however, there are several recipe books that show steps to make tasty foods from these elements.

Storage products and dry meals might be contained in your long term food. These are usually slightly more costly, but could be simple to make tasty, and often keep their vitamin content. Readymade freeze dried and dry meals will require your food supply by Augason Farms beyond simply keeping life within an emergency to offering good diet selection, and excellent flavor during times of emergency. While saving long term food storage products the next products have to be considered:

  1. Buy quality products. Acquire keep it from other items that could affect the taste of the meals and top quality whenever you can.
  2. Use proper containers. Often steel storage containers or large plastic containers with air tight covers will be the best.
  3. Use readily available storage facilities.
  4. Meals must be located at great conditions between 40 to 60 deg. F.
  5. Frequently rotate food storage what to prevent spoilage.
  6. Meals must be stored in a well ventilated, awesome, dried, black, and clean place.
  7. Do not place food storage containers on or against walls and dirt or concrete floors.
  8. Do not get into debt to acquire long term food storage. Obtain food storage products slowly.

Hopefully these recommendations provides you with good quality suggestions on the best way to begin on long term food storage so you are ready in the event there is some kind of emergency.


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