Guidelines to trust god completely

In part three I thought I might Delve into a discussion I personally believe is silly and unnecessary since it is becoming patently dishonest and one sided due to a single sides inability to follow the evidence where it leads, thus throwing out the baby with the bath water whenever something pops up that does not go together with previous belief system. The side I’m talking about is that the Skeptical minded among us who say they need evidence but do everything in their power to alter the results given into something else besides what it is. Now do not get me wrong it is always better to have good disbelief when coping with darkness because darkness hides bad things from plain sight. The Sort of skepticism I am referring To here is the psychological and spiritual blocking of fact from changing your life, even Christians could be blinded with this skeptical method of thinking and prevent God from showing himself from the inward self. We can become outwardly spiritual and inwardly dry.

is God real

The Atheist, the Agnostics and all other kinds of skeptic are taking a look at a purely religious issue from the view of a physical restricted presence; wanting proof that could only come through personal spiritual experience. Then turning around and refusing to act upon it as the bible says to do to acquire the evidence, saying it cannot exist because they cannot see it. It is the Atheist method of avoiding the facts that prove them wrong. The Atheistic mindset, which Basically believes that nothing beyond normal space and time can exist cannot start to know proof god is real who outside time and space and for that reason cannot by expansion ever trust him in that mindset. Trust requires approval of the trusted parties Word with no there is not any connection and thus no evidence of a connection can ever be shown because it does not exist no matter how spiritual one.

The Individuals who are trapped in a self Enforced God Box will not have the ability to leave the confusion of needing proof of God and unable to act on it to get the evidence they seek. It is as easy as not looking at which the evidence is. It goes against everything in them to obey God before receiving the evidence he is even there, but this is how God made religion to work, because in doing it that way it filters out all of the wavering and doubt our human state. Once a Man is enveloped by the Existence of God in their body, their spirit and soul there is not anything that is contrary that could convince otherwise. True faith in God brings real lasting change to the entire person, it is not a religious fervor, not a church membership, but not only a mental assent to change but a entire rebuilding of your religious nature from one of passing to pure life and light.



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