What Makes a Berkel Slicer more popular?

When restaurateurs and butchers hear the name Berkel it advises them of high quality and reliability. If you are in the market for a slicer after that you need to consider in investing in a Berkel slicer. It will just add value to your company and contribute to effective efficiency. Lots of butchers and restaurateurs will certainly attest that a top quality meat slicer makes all the difference in their company. That’s because Berkel makes slicers to cover a wide variety of cutting needs. After all, you require a slicer that is dependable and is able to automatically cut anything, particularly when you have much of it. As an example, butchery has daily lots of meat that should be sliced. One of the distinct features of the Berkel slicer is that you have the ability to set its feature to slice the bulk meat immediately. So you can proceed and do various other points while the slicer is slaving away in your place. You heard right, this equipment will certainly slice the meat by itself.

Features of Meat Slicers

Berkel slicers are not only produced cutting meat. It is additionally suitable for slicing cheese. Their series of slicers are supplied with a Teflon covered surface area that cleans it a dream. The Teflon covered surface prevents the cheese from sticking to it. Thus using this business cooking area equipment comes to be uncomplicated. If you need a slicer that is multifunctional which could slice bread, processed meats, parma pork and far more, and then you might select the Berkel Multipurpose Slicer. ThisĀ berkel slicer models has a motor that is listed below the blade which gives a bigger moving location and enables bigger cuts too. Specific slicers are geared up with stainless steel bearings that lengthen the life of the blade drive and offers a smooth gliding motion when slicing. Moreover, it has a risk-free blade removal gadget which is excellent for secure and easy cleaning. On top of that, you will locate that certain slicers are made with a built-in blade sharpener. When the slicing blade needs sharpening the blade sharpener is conveniently positioned for sharpening.


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